1000 A.D.
The Christian conversion of pagan lands is well underway, turning the Viking North into a bleak war zone of occupation and violence.  Magnus The Black, an ex-warrior turned fixer for the Church, is only looking to ease his people through this painful time.  But when a Vatican official under his protection is murdered on the infamous Black Road, he uncovers a secret so big it could upset the balance of power across Europe.

Co-created with artist Garry Brown, with color work by Dave McCaig. Published by Image Comics.

Black Road monthly series (2015-2017)
Black Road Vol. 1 "The Holy North" (2016)
Black Road Vol. 2 "A Pagan Death" (2017)

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Bleak and beautiful.
— Nerdist
Absolutely as hard and unforgiving as any Norse myth
— Flickering Myth
Brutally gorgeous... Black Road is a thrilling read and a gripping tribute to the Norsemen
— Pulp Media