A historical crime thriller set in the Viking era

Set in the dark days of the Viking Age as Christianity begins its inexorable sweep across Europe.  Magnus The Black acts as a “fixer” for the Church in the darker corners of Scandinavia.  His intentions are honorable, he sees the Christian mission and transformation of the pagan lands as inevitable, and so tries to make this change as painless as possible for his people.  Magnus, however, is as devout a pagan as he is a pragmatist, and is frequently viewed as a traitor and an enemy by both sides.  But he sticks to it, constantly walking the line between the world of the “old ways” and the terrifying new world order that Christianity represents.

Art by Garry Brown and Dave McCaig. Published by Image Comics.


Black Road Vol 1. "The Holy North"
1000 A.D.  The Christian conversion of pagan lands is well underway, turning the Viking North into a bleak war zone of occupation and violence.  Magnus The Black, an ex-warrior turned fixer for the Church, is only looking to ease his people through this painful time.  But when a Vatican official under his protection is murdered on the infamous Black Road, he uncovers a secret so big it could upset the balance of power across Europe.

Black Road Vol 2. "A Pagan Death"
Having located Bishop Oakenfort on the extreme northern coast of Norssk, Magnus The Black moves in on this rogue Vatican outpost with the intent to shut it down. But as formidable a Viking warrior as Magnus is, he is still one man versus a fortresss.

With his daughter Angie growing into adult, Gavin thinks maybe its high time he did the same. 



Bleak and beautiful.
— Nerdist
Absolutely as hard and unforgiving as any Norse myth.
— Flickering Myth
This is a tapestry of a master story-teller… Layers upon layers of storytelling make this a fantastic read.
— Comic Crusaders
Why does this book matter? Take the Christians and see what happens when they enter a Viking land and you have yourself a powder keg similar to current events in the Middle East.
Magnus the Black is a wonderfully terse brute of a lead character.
— Newsarama