Themes of youth, identity, power, and self-discovery connect these four indie series.

There isn’t a single story here that I didn’t love, that didn’t make me think, that didn’t thud home in my heart.
— boing boing (on Demo)
Brian Wood is the master of the single-issue comic, [and he’s] created one of the most complete portraits of a person that I’ve read not just in comics, but anywhere.
— Bust Magazine (on Local)
This is the quintessential “must own” indie comic and a piece of material that should grace every discerning reader’s bookcase everywhere.
— AICN (on Local)
Brian Wood has mastered the art of writing female characters.
— Bust Magazine (on The New York Four)
The most impressive aspect of this book is how accurately Wood captures youth culture. His portrait of an eighteen-year-old girl isn’t the least bit condescending or out-of-touch. ... Wood has captured the energy, the coolness, the uncertainty, and the reality as well as anyone telling stories today
— CBR (on The New York Four)
Akira, the Hunger Games, and Superman collide.
— The AV Club (on Mara)

It’s hard enough being a teenager. Now try being a teenager with powers. Demo chronicles the lives of young people who are on their separate journeys to self-discovery in a world–just like our own–where being different is feared. This definitive edition collects the entirety of the series, eighteen short stories across multiple genres, and stands as an indie comics classic.

Release information:
2003 - Demo (original series)
2005 - The Demo Scriptbook
2008 - Demo Vol. 1
2010 - Demo (second series)
2011 - Demo Vol. 2
2015 - Demo: The Complete Collection


Megan McKeenan sets off from Portland, OR with nothing but a backpack and a bad case of wanderlust. Twelve inter-connected short stories represent one year in the life of this young vagabond as she struggles to find a place to call home, both physically and spiritually.


The New York Four
Worlds collide when four young women begin college at the prestigious New York University. Shy, literate Riley, overachieving but naive Lona, laid-back West Coaster Ren, and working-class girl Merissa claim newfound freedom living in the big city. But that freedom comes at a price: roommate drama, mysterious love interests, school troubles, and family conflicts. Welcome to adulthood!

Release information:
2008 - The New York Four
2011 - The New York Five
2014 - The New York Four: Complete Collection


Meet Mara Prince, an especially gifted woman in a sports- and war-obsessed future.  When she starts manifesting strange superpowers, the world that once embraced her turns against her, and for this young woman who once had it all, it’s almost too much to bear.  Both an intimate coming-of-age story and an epic superhero drama, Mara takes the genre to new places.


Demo is co-created with Becky Cloonan and is published by Dark Horse Comics.
Local is co-created with Ryan Kelly and is published by Oni Press.
The New York Four is co-created with Ryan Kelly and is published by Dark Horse Comics.
Mara is co-created with Ming Doyle and is published by Image Comics.