It’s hard enough being a teenager. Now try being a teenager with powers. Demo chronicles the lives of young people who are on their separate journeys to self-discovery in a world – just like our own – where being different is feared. This definitive edition collects the entirety of the series, eighteen short stories across multiple genres, and stands as an indie comics classic.

Co-created with artist Becky Cloonan. Published by Dark Horse Comics.

Demo #1-12 (2005)
The Demo Scriptbook (2005)
Demo Vol. 1 (2008)
Demo Vol. 2 (2011)
Demo: The Complete Collection (2015 ISBN: 161655682X)

Or purchase Demo from your nearest comic book dealer, or Dark Horse Comics

The short slice-of-life format becomes more emotionally captivating than nearly any ongoing series I have come across. Every single story made me stop, made me think
— Girls Entertainment Network
wonderfully different... what the X-Men would be if they were created today
Wood creates really mature comics... because his characters find themselves having to grow up and see the world in entirely new ways
— Teen People
Each story within the book is subtle, deliberately paced, and understated —- so it’s all the more surprising when you realize, just after finishing one of them, how much its impact has hammered home. There’s hardly a wrong note hit throughout.
— Book Reporter