Influential and relevant series that defined comics' response to post-9/11 America

During the Second American Civil War, rookie photographer Matty Roth gets himself embedded in the conflict's infamous no-man's-land: Manhattan Island aka the DMZ.  Instead of embracing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to document the city under siege with a classic journalist’s objectivity, Roth blurs the lines to the point of no return, threatening to fall in with politicians and opportunists, warlords and mercenaries. 

DMZ was serialized over six years and seventy-two monthly issues, making it one of DC Comics/Vertigo's longest running series and one of its most culturally resonant.  It's appeared on the New York Times Bestsellers list multiple times, and is published in more than a dozen langauges worldwide.

Co-created with artist Riccardo Burchielli.  Published by DC Comics/Vertigo.

DMZ Book One
Matty Roth, a naïve young man and aspiring photojournalist, lands a dream gig following a veteran war journalist into the heart of the DMZ. Things soon go terribly wrong, and Matty finds himself lost and alone in a world he's only seen on television. There, he is faced with a choice: try to find a way off the island, or make his career with an assignment most journalists would kill for.

Collected edition contains:
DMZ Vol. 1 "On the Ground" (2006)
DMZ Vol. 2 "Body of a Journalist" (2007)

DMZ Book Two
In this volume, Matty heads undercover to infiltrate a terrorist cell, lands an interview for Liberty News with an enlisted U.S. solider who's found guilty of a massacre within the DMZ, and turns his attention to several locals: a guerilla artist, a former ally who's now homeless, and the powerful head of a nationalist organization within the DMZ.

Collected edition contains:
DMZ Vol 3. "Public Works" (2007)
DMZ Vol. 4 "Friendly Fire" (2008)
DMZ Vol. 5 "The Hidden War" (2008)

DMZ Book Three
A new leader rises in the DMZ - but what will that mean for Matty Roth, a journalist who calls the zone home? After a near-tragic misadventure in Staten Island, Matty returns to find Parco Delgado in office as provisional governor of New York. Matty's first task under the Delgado regime? Tracking down the source of one of the DMZ's greatest urban legends.

Collected edition contains:
DMZ Vol. 6 "Blood in the Game" (2009)
DMZ Vol. 7. "War Powers" (2009)

DMZ Book Four
Instead embracing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to document the city under siege with a classic journalist’s objectivity, Matty Roth has allowed himself to blur the lines to the point of no return, to fall in with politicians and opportunists, warlords and mercenaries. Having helped secure an election and fund an army, he commits perhaps the worst offense to date.

Collected edition contains:
DMZ Vol. 8 "Hearts and Minds" (2010)
DMZ Vol. 9 "M.I.A." (2011)
DMZ Vol 10. "Collective Punishment" (2011)

DMZ Book Five
After six years, Matty Roth's story and the Second American Civil War comes to an end.  As the war enters its final weeks, Matty is given an unbelievable second chance, a golden opportunity to report once again from the DMZ—not as a network lackey but as an unbiased observer for the court of world opinion, to ensure both sides stay honest. 

Collected edition contains:
DMZ Vol. 11 "Free States Rising" (2012)
DMZ Vol. 12 "The Five Nations of New York" (2012)

DMZ [is] the pre-eminent example of a growing fashion for comics and graphic novels about, or inspired by, the Iraq war.
— The Independent
DMZ does what comics do best: bleeding-edge, zeitgeist commentary mixed with hard-boiled adventure.
— Decibel
The DMZ stories manage to combine the tough, thrilling character of golden age war comics with sharp and complex analysis of the big questions underpinning the modern age of politicized, commercialized warfare. DMZ keeps getting better and better.
— BoingBoing
The gritty comic book DMZ lies somewhere between a post-apocalyptic nightmare and a bizarre tribute to Gotham tenacity... With a stark visual style that matches its narrative punch, this grim graphic novel from writer Brian Wood and artist Riccardo Burchielli measures up to any summer blockbuster.
— Time Out New York
The dramatic images recall the nightly news, and stories of warzone life ring true. A-
— Entertainment Weekly
Wood and Burchielli gut-wrenchingly portray the chaotic reality of life in a war zone.
— Washington Post
Brian Wood is one of my favorite comic/graphic novel writers.
— Felicia Day