Brian Wood's history of published work includes OVER fifty volumes of genre-spanning original material —

— From the 1500-page future war epic DMZ, the ecological disaster series The Massive, the American crime drama Briggs Land, and the groundbreaking lo-fi dystopia Channel Zero

— HE has a 20-YEAR track record of marrying socially-conscious world-building and political commentary with compelling and diverse characters.

His YA novels - DemoLocalThe New York Four, and Mara - have made YALSA and New York Public Library best-of lists.  His historical fiction - the Viking series Northlanders, the American Revolution-centered Rebels, and the Norse-Samurai mashup Sword Daughter - are benchmarks in the comic book industry.  

He's written some of the biggest franchises in pop culture, including Star WarsTerminatorRobocopConan The BarbarianPlanet of the Apes, and the X-Men.  He’s created multiple canonical stories for the Aliens universe, including the Zula Hendricks character.