DRM-free Briggs Land Download

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Briggs Land "an eerily plausible version of our near future" -- Download the first two issues of Briggs Land, free.

Briggs Land is a hundred square miles of rural land in upstate New York, and depending on which member of the Briggs family you ask, it's a band-to-the-land collective for people looking to live off the grid. It’s a secessionist movement that does not recognize state or federal laws. It's a safe harbor to domestic extremists and an incubator for homegrown militia groups. It's an old-fashioned mafia-style crime syndicate running guns and drugs. It’s a symbol of 'real America.’ Occupying the Land for nearly 150 years, the Briggs family founded the land with positive intentions. However, the land and its purpose has been corrupted, misused, and misunderstood.  

Grace Briggs, the matriarch of the family, has been planning a takeover for years. A move that will take the Land back from its worst elements. What stands in her way are her three sons and their families, each with their own interpretations of the Land, each with a deal to make. Grace needs to make peace within her own household and prevent a war that would tear the Land apart.