Northlanders is the definitive Viking book for the comics medium. 

Set during the Viking Age, Northlanders is a sprawling crime epic with a strong eye towards history.  Comprised of sixteen different stories than span hundreds of years, it covers multiple genres and points of view, from the foot-soldier standing in the shield wall, the explorer on the sea road to Greenland, the youngsters suffering the boot of Christian conversion, to the women who pick up swords when their husbands fall. 

Northlanders is a major work by a serious writer.”
”One of the best character writers in the industry.
— Comic Book Resources / IGN
By not trying to show the past as either some glorious ideal or a horribly decadent, Wood makes the story more universal and, surprisingly, more modern and current story than most viking stories could ever be. Northlanders... continues to show the growth, maturity and individualistic voice of one of comics strongest writers
— Pop Syndicate
Northlanders #1 ... pretty much everything I have ever wanted a comic book to be.
— Brian K Vaughan

Northlanders Book One: The Anglo-Saxon Saga
The British Isles were a tempting target to the Vikings, who craved lush land to farm and rich monasteries to plunder, and the fractured Saxon kingdoms were barely able to resist.  But as time progressed and the centuries-old pagan belief in nature, the fates, and a raucous warrior afterlife were gradually replaced by the rigid traditions of Christianity, a dark ages culture war took shape.

Release information:
2008 - Northlanders 1: Sven the Returned (ISBN 1-4012-1918-7)
2009 - Northlanders 2: The Cross + The Hammer
2010 - Northlanders 3: Blood in the Snow
2010 - Northlanders 4: The Plague Widow
2011 - Northlanders 5: Metal and Other Stories
2012 - Northlanders 6: Thor’s Daughter
2013 - Northlanders 7: The Icelandic Trilogy


Northlanders Book Two: The European Saga
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Northlanders Book Three: The Icelandic Saga
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Northlanders was created by Brian Wood and illustrated by nearly two dozen of comics best talent.  The series ran from 2018 to 2013 and is published by DC Comics/Vertigo.  It is a New York Times Bestselling series and has been published in multiple languages.