Over the course of its fifty monthly issues, Brian Wood redefined the Viking genre in comics, introducing a realism and historical devotion that up to that point was almost completely absent.

Northlanders Book One: The Anglo-Saxon Saga:
The British Isles were a tempting target to the Vikings, who craved lush land to farm and rich monasteries to plunder, and the fractured Saxon kingdoms were barely able to resist.  But as time progressed and the centuries-old pagan belief in nature, the fates, and a raucous warrior afterlife were gradually replaced by the rigid traditions of Christianity, a dark ages culture war took shape.

An exiled Viking warrior returns to Orkney to claim a family title in “Sven The Returned.” A trio of Norse wives hold a coastal fort against wave after wave of invaders in “The Shield Maidens.” A forensic investigator tracks a series of killings across pagan Ireland in “The Cross And The Hammer.”  “Thor’s Daughter” introduces a young woman, the sudden and tragic heir to an army of impatient warriors. And in the poignant “Lindisfarne,” a young boy witnesses the brutal monastery raid that started it all.

Northlanders Book Two: The Icelandic Sag:
In A.D. 871, the Norsemen arrived on Iceland’s shores. They sought land, freedom and a new way of life. Over the course of centuries, these humble settlers built farms, clans and towns until they shaped a new nation and its path through history.

A daring adventurer named Dag becomes the first man ever to turn his Viking boat west and sail to unknown shores in “The Sea Road.” Twenty years after being exiled, Sven of Orkney comes face-to-face with his own mythology as a group of mercenaries comes to hunt him down in “Sven the Returned.” An old Icelandic fisherman discovers the body of a young girl embedded in the ice and then finds himself accused of her murder in “The Girl in the Ice.” And in the epic “Icelandic Trilogy,” a small family with the name Hauksson builds a powerful crime family only to clash with the rising Church.

Northlanders Book Three: The European Saga: TBD

Art by Massimo Carnevale, Dave McCaig, Davide Gianfelice, Fiona Staples, Becky Cloonan, Riccardo Burchielli, Danijel Zezelj, Marian Churchland, Ryan Kelly, and others.  Published by DC Comics/Vertigo.

Northlanders monthly series (2008-2012)
Northlanders Vol 1. "Sven The Returned" (2008)
Northlanders Vol 2. "The Cross and The Hammer" (2009)
Northlanders Vol 3. "Blood In The Snow" (2010)
Northlanders Vol 4. "The Plague Widow" (2010)
Northlanders Vol 5. "Metal" (2011)
Northlanders Vol 6. "Thor's Daughter and Other Stories" (2012)
Northlanders Vol 7. "The Icelandic Trilogy" (2013)
Northlanders Book One: The Anglo-Saxon Saga (2016)
Northlanders Book Two: The Icelandic Saga (2016)
Northlanders Book Three: The European Saga (2017)

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Chalk up another creative victory for writer Wood, who’s quickly emerging as one the medium’s premier scribes. Like his best work, NORTHLANDERS takes you into a well-researched, richly realized world that illuminates politics and culture without getting bogged down in history-book stuff.
— Entertainment Weekly
As Brian Wood continues to flesh out his uncharacteristic journey into the sword and sandals genre, Northlanders becomes more and more compelling... providing even more proof that the author is one of the best character writers in the industry.
As a picture of human behavior in extreme conditions, these stories are moving and memorable.
— Publishers Weekly
..substantial and vibrant... Northlanders is a major work by a serious writer.
pretty much everything I have ever wanted a comic book to be.
— Brian K. Vaughan