The story of America’s first militia and the struggle for independence. 

1775 - With the War for Independence playing out across the colonies, young Seth and Mercy Abbott find their new marriage tested at every turn as the demands of the front lines and the home front collide. Not merely rehashing the tales of the most famous men of the time, Rebels details the epic story of the colonists, explorers and traders, wives and daughters, farmers and volunteer soldiers who, in a few short, turbulent years, created the brand-new nation of America.

Though its set against the backdrop of the American Revolution, Wood and Mutti’s REBELS is about basic human rights and the freedom to grow into a person or a country on one’s own terms... solid characterization and beautiful art.
— Comic Book Resources
If you enjoyed Brian Wood’s work on NORTHLANDERS, this series will be very much up your alley. Wood takes a conflict that has been much mythologized over the centuries and re-examines it from a more grounded perspective.
Rebels is a standout in the historical comic genre.
— Newsarama
More than a slice of life period piece, “Rebels” aspires to make an intimate examination of the lives, dreams, and private motivations that drove our country’s revolution forward on the ground.
— Asbury Park Press
Rebels is a rare treat in the world of comic books today... a great start to a more intimate story of our country’s founding, and is something that speaks a lot of truths about the state of our nation then and now.
— Nerdist

Rebels: A Well-Regulated Militia
In a rush of great public resistance to an oppressive and excessive government, a homegrown militia movement is formed in rural America. This is not 2015, but 1775. With the war for independence playing out across the colonies, young Seth and Mercy Abbott find their new marriage tested at every turn, as the demands of the battlefield and the home front collide.

Release information:
2015 - Rebels: A Well-Regulated Militia (ISBN 161655908X)


Rebels: Six Frigates
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Rebels was created by Brian Wood and Andrea Mutti, with work from Jordie Bellaire, Tula Lotay, Matthew Woodson, Tristan Jones, and Ariela Kristantina. 
The series launched in 2015 and is published by Dark Horse Comics.