Youth culture, urban dystopia, ultra-violence, and a vicious sense of humor

Co-created with Rob G. Published by Image Comics.


Collecting the complete four-volume saga, this hyper-violent, tongue-in-cheek tale of mercenary bike messengers in New York City breaks all the rules.

This complete edition collects:
Couscous Express (2001)
The Couriers (2003)
The Couriers: Dirtbike Manifesto (2004)
The Couriers: The Ballad of Johnny Funwrecker (2005)

Think of Kick-Ass crossed with Run, Lola, Run. It’s lovely stuff, and the art conveys that Tarantino-ey balletic violence in a way I’d never have suspected was possible without actual moving pictures.
— Boing Boing
The dialog is quick and full of fun vulgarity and the characters are drawn with the sort of loving detail that can only come from living in the culture portrayed. The shared aesthetic of the couriers is full of punk rock imagery, early-2000s East Village hipsterism, bike culture and re-purposed military gear.
— Out Of Our System
Ingeniously depraved... The Couriers is irredeemable, in the best possible way.
— Entertainment Weekly