An alt-history account of the founding of America.

In AD 323, a fleet of Roman ships is lost in a storm, and they find themselves on the shores of the New World, one thousand years before Columbus. Unable to return home, they establish a new colony, Roma Occidens, radically altering the timeline of America and subsequent world events as seen through the eyes of one family.

Co-created with Justin Giampaoli and Andrea Mutti.



Supermarket is anti-consumerism doctrine with a healthy dose of humor and violence.

In the future world of Supermarket, cash rules over everything. Legitimate and black-market economies define the City and everyone in it, controlled by rival factions of the Yakuza and Porno Swede crime families. Convenience store clerkette Pella Suzuki finds herself right in the middle of it, heir to an empire she couldn't possibly inherit.

Co-created with Kristian Donaldson.



Fifteen years ago, when young Cedric Zhang was kidnapped and forced to fight other abducted children to amuse bloodthirsty crowds, he would have grown up knowing nothing but pain if not for his only friend, Christy. Three weeks ago, Christy went missing. Now Cedric must overcome the shackles of the past and immerse himself in the violent underworld of New York City to find her.

Co-created with Denys Cowan.



In a city filled with trust-fund babies and armchair revolutionaries, Heavy Parker rules the punk scene as a benevolent dictator. Or at least he does until Missy, Heavy's girlfriend, goes away for college. How can a guy like Heavy be expected to handle a long-distance romance? Broken hearts and busted heads, this punk rock romance revenge story is a bitter and sarcastic send-up of MTV-era punk rock culture and the kids that worship it.

Co-created with Steve Rolston.



In a remote coastal village in Northern Scotland, the choice between money and happiness has never been clearer or carried such deadly consequences. When Moss arrives, he is accepted as what he appears to be: a somewhat grubby American backpacker on holiday. Gradually the town begins to realize just who it is they're harboring: a Special Forces soldier turned drug smuggler.

Co-created with Toby Cypress



A short story with artist Emily Carroll in "The Unexpected."