Gone are the supervillains and secret schools, and instead you have the things real teens care about: friends, first loves and the need to get away from everyday life. Grade A.
— Variety


The indie comics classic

It’s hard enough being a teenager. Now try being a teenager with powers. Demo chronicles the lives of young people who are on their separate journeys to self-discovery in a world – just like our own – where being different is feared. This definitive edition collects the entirety of the series, eighteen short stories across multiple genres, and stands as an indie comics classic.

This complete edition collects:
Demo (2005 original edition)
Art from the Demo Scriptbook (2005)
Updates as printed in Demo Vol. 1 (2008 DC/Vertigo edition)
Demo Vol. 2 (2011 DC/Vertigo sequel)

The short slice-of-life format becomes more emotionally captivating than nearly any ongoing series I have come across. Every single story made me stop, made me think.
— Girls Entertainment Network
There isn’t a single story here that I didn’t love, that didn’t make me think, that didn’t thud home in my heart.
— Boing Boing
Each story within the book is subtle, deliberately paced, and understated —- so it’s all the more surprising when you realize, just after finishing one of them, how much its impact has hammered home. There’s hardly a wrong note hit throughout.
— Book Reporter
Wonderfully different... what the X-Men would be if they were created today.