Brian Wood is the master of the single-issue comic, [and he’s] created one of the most complete portraits of a person that I’ve read not just in comics, but anywhere.
— Bust Magazine


The quintessential “must own” indie comic

Megan McKeenan sets off from Portland, OR with nothing but a backpack and a bad case of wanderlust. Each emotional vignette represents a year in the life of this young vagabond as she searches for a place to call home, both physically and spiritually.

Set in twelve real life cities across North America, this painstakingly researched and meticulously illustrated volume collects the critically acclaimed series and includes an extras and rarities section.

Co-created with artist Ryan Kelly

Wood, author of the hugely popular comic DMZ, has created a contemporary ballad to the idea of the open road.
Combining road saga, bildungsroman, and existentialism, Local has something to suit the tastes of readers who already like Capote, or Kerouac, or Albertine Sarrazin, and has the potential for leading others to explore such more traditional, equally nuanced storytellers.
— Booklist