Akira, the Hunger Games, and Superman collide.
— AV Club


Girl vs. The World

Meet Mara Prince, an especially gifted woman in a sports- and war-obsessed future.  When she starts manifesting strange superpowers, the world that once embraced her turns against her, and for this young woman who once had it all, it’s almost too much to bear.  Both an intimate coming-of-age story and an epic superhero drama, Mara takes the genre to new places.

Co-created with Ming Doyle

A superb series... a new standard in exploring superheroes in comics.
— Multiversity
Fundamentally, Mara is a hopeful book, drawing inspiration from humanity’s striving to be more “super”, our group grasp for the stars, but also from our individual capacity for perspective.
— Comics Bulletin
A beautifully rendered examination of fame, power, and identity.
— Thirteen Minutes