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Angela Cheng Caplan
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Multiple Eisner Award-nominee Brian Wood released his first series, Channel Zero, to considerable critical acclaim in 1997 and has gone on to create hard-hitting original series such as DMZ, Northlanders, The Couriers, and The Massive. Adding to that body of work, he's also written some of the biggest titles in pop culture, with work on Star Wars, Conan The Barbarian, Lord Of The Rings and The X-Men.

Brian lives with his wife and two children in Brooklyn, NY.

Feb 12 - Star Wars #14
Feb 19 - Conan The Barbarian #25
Feb 26 - The Massive #20
Feb - X-Men #10
Feb - X-Men #11
Mar 12 - Star Wars #15
Mar 26 - The Massive #21
Mar - X-Men #12
Apr 9 - Star Wars #16
Apr 23 - The Massive #22
Apr - X-Men #13


Feb 5 - DMZ Book One (Deluxe Edition)
Mar 4 - Ultimate Comics X-Men by Brian Wood Vol. 3
Apr 16 - X-Men Vol. 2
Apr 16 - Star Wars Vol 2
Jun 17 - DMZ Book Two (Deluxe Edition)
Jun 25 - The Massive Vol 3
Jul 16 - X-Men: Battle of the Atom softcover
Jul 23 - Conan Vol. 15 softcover



Set in a post-war, post-crash, post-disaster, post-everything world - the environmental action trawler Kapital scours the earth’s oceans for its missing sister ship The Massive, while struggling to redefine its core mission. What does it mean to be an activist after the world’s already ended?

Colorist: Dave Stewart and
Jordie Bellaire
Lettering: Jared K. Fletcher
Published by Dark Horse Comics

The Massive 1
“Black Pacific”
art by Garry Brown and
Kristian Donaldson
The Massive 2
art by Garry Brown, Declan Shalvey, and Danijel Zezelj
The Massive 3
art by Garry Brown

Mara is a story of a lone super-powered woman in a world that’s never seen anything like her, and is not sure she deserves to live amongst them.

Cover illustrations: Ming Doyle
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Published by Image Comics
Mara is co-created by Ming Doyle

art by Ming Doyle


Northlanders is a dark crime epic set in the Viking Age, an alternate set of sagas that explores the life and times of history's most infamous civilization.

Cover illustrations:
Massimo Carnevale
Colorist: Dave McCaig
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Published by DC Comics/Vertigo

Northlanders Book 1
“Sven The Returned”
art by Davide Gianfelice
Northlanders Book 2
“The Cross + The Hammer”
art by Ryan Kelly
Northlanders Book 3
“Blood In The Snow”
art by Dean Ormston,
Vasilis Lolos, Danijel Zezelj,
and Davide Gianfelice
Northlanders Book 4
“The Plague Widow”
art by Leandro Fernandez
Northlanders Book 5
“Metal & Other Stories”
art by Riccardo Burchielli, Fiona Staples, and Becky Cloonan
Northlanders Book 6
“Thor's Daughter”
art by Simon Gane, Matthew Woodson, and Marian Churchland
Northlanders Book 7
“The Icelandic Trilogy”
art by TBA

Spanning a hundred years time, a family of women cope with a post-apocalyptic America. Co-created with Emily Carroll.

Lettering: Jared K. Fletcher
Published by DC Comics/Vertigo

art by Emily Carroll

Set in a near future where a second American civil war rages, a lone journalist is stranded in the middle of New York City, now a brutal no-man's-land. Mirroring current events, DMZ is an unforgiving look at what a 'war on terror' can do to a civilian population.

Covers: Brian Wood, JP Leon
Colorist: Jeromy Cox
Lettering: Jared K. Fletcher
Published by DC Comics/Vertigo
DMZ is co-created by Riccardo Burchielli

DMZ Deluxe Edition 1
art by Riccardo Burchielli and Brian Wood
DMZ Deluxe Edition 2
art by Riccardo Burchielli and Brian Wood
DMZ Vol. 1
“On The Ground”
art by Riccardo Burchielli and Brian Wood
DMZ Vol. 2
“Body Of A Journaliost”
art by Riccardo Burchielli, Kristian Donaldson, and
Brian Wood

DMZ Vol. 3
“Public Works”
art by Riccardo Burchielli
DMZ Vol. 4
“Friendly Fire”
art by Riccardo Burchielli, Nathan Fox, Kristian Donaldson, and Viktor Kalvachev
DMZ Vol. 5
“The Hidden War”
art by Riccardo Burchielli, Nathan Fox, and Danijel Zezelj
DMZ Vol. 6
“Blood In The Game”
art by Riccardo Burchielli
introduction by Greg Palast
DMZ Vol. 7
“War Powers”
art by Riccardo Burchielli, Kristian Donaldson, and
Nikki Cook
DMZ Vol. 8
“Hearts And Minds”
art by Riccardo Burchielli and Ryan Kelly
DMZ Vol. 9
art by Riccardo Burchielli, and others
DMZ Vol. 10
“Collective Punishment”
art by Andrea Mutti, Cliff Chiang, and others
DMZ Vol. 11
“Free States Rising”
art by Riccardo Burchielli and Shawn Martinbrough
DMZ Vol. 12
“The Five Nations Of New York”
art by Riccardo Burchielli

A blistering take on media control in a repressive future America! Brian Wood launched an all-out assault on the comics medium in 1997 with Channel Zero, an influential, forward-thinking series that combined art, politics, and graphic design.

Published by Dark Horse Comics

Public Domain 2 is self-published and available exclusively here.

The Channel Zero Collection
art by Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan
Channel Zero
out of print
Channel Zero: Jennie One
out of print
Public Domain 2
art by Brian Wood
Public Domain
out of print

The Courers is a fast-paced action-adventure comic set in New York City, featuring Moustafa and Special: mercenary couriers. They do the work the normal couriers are only barely aware of: intelligence, large cash transfers, protection, assassinations, blockade-running... you name it. The Couriers is a pure action movie on paper.

Published by Image Comics
The Couriers is co-created by Rob G
The Couriers Complete Series
art by Rob G and Brett Weldele
The Couriers 01
art by Rob G
out of print
he Couriers 02
“Dirtbike Manifesto”
art by Rob G
out of print
The Couriers 03
“The Ballad Of Johnny Funwrecker”
art by Rob G
out of print
Couscous Express
art by Brett Weldele
out of print

A collection of twelve interconnected short stories, each featuring Megan McKeenan, a young woman who sets out from Portland, Oregon with nothing but a rucksack and a bad case of wanderlust. These emotional vignettes each represent a year in the life of this young vagabond as she searches for a place to call home, both physically and spiritually.

Published by Oni Press
Local co-created by Ryan Kelly

art by Ryan Kelly

Short stories of normal people with extra-normal abilities, Demo is "what the X-Men would be if they were created today" (CBR). This pioneering series blazed the trail for dozens of indie books and has been translated and published around the world.

Published by DC Comics/Vertigo
Demo co-created by Becky Cloonan

Demo Vol. 1
art by Becky Cloonan
Demo Vol. 2
art by Becky Cloonan
Demo - The 12 Original Scripts
out of print

The ultimate insider's guide to New York City is presented through the eyes of Brooklyn-born Riley and her three friends, starting their freshman year at NYU. They are about to find out what an adventure--and a mystery--living in the Big Apple can be.

Published by DC Comics/Vertigo
The New York Four / Five co-created by Ryan Kelly

The New York Four
art by Ryan Kelly
The New York Five
art by Ryan Kelly

In the future world of Supermarket, legitimate and black-market economies rule the City, overseen by the vying factions of the Yakuza and Porno Swede crime families. convenience store clerkette and 16-year old suburban wise-ass Pella Suzuki suddenly finds herself in themiddle of it all, heir to an empire she couldn't possibly inherit, but hitmen on both sides aren't taking any chances.

Published by IDW
Supermarket is co-created by Kristian Donaldson

art by Kristian Donaldson

Kidnapped as a boy, Cedric Zhang - raised to fight in competitions - formed a bond with Christy, a young nurse. When she disappears with no explanation, Cedric immerses himself in the violent NYC underworld in an effort to locate her, finding himself back in the horrible world he spent his life trying to escape.

Art by Denys Cowan and Kent Williams
Published by DC Comics/Vertigo
Fight For Tomorrow
art by Denys Cowan and Kent Williams

A raucous tale of an armchair punk rocker and the hardcore girl that takes him down.

Published by Oni Press
Pounded co-created by Steve Rolston

art by Steve Rolston



In a remote coastal village in Northern Scotland, the choice between money and happiness has never been clearer or carried such deadly consequences. When Moss arrives, he is accepted as what he appears to be: a somewhat grubby American backpacker on holiday. Gradually the town begins to realize just who it is they're harboring.

Published by Image Comics
The Tourist co-created by Toby Cypress

The Tourist
art by Toby Cypress


Set during the Original Trilogy, this new series picks up after the 1977 film and tells new stories of Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, and the Rebellion against the Empire.

Cover illustrations: Alex Ross
Colorist: Gabe Eltaeb
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Star Wars 1
art by Carlos D' Anda
Star Wars 2
art by Carlos D' Anda
and Ryan Kelly
Star Wars 3
art by Carlos D' Anda
and Stephane Crety

Adapting the beloved Robert E. Howard short story "The Queen Of The Black Coast", this 25-issue run describes Conan's adventures on the high seas with his first true love, Belit.

Cover illustrations:
Massimo Carnevale

Colorist: Dave Stewart
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Conan The Barbarian
"The Queen Of The Black Coast"
art by Becky Cloonan and James Harren
Conan The Barbarian
"The Death"
art by Becky Cloonan, Vasilis Lolos, and Declan Shalvey
Conan The Barbarian
"Nightmare Of The Shallows"
art by Davide Gianfelice, Mirko Colak and Andrea Mutti

Stories of mutants and the world that hates and fears them.

Published by Marvel Comics
X-Men Vol. 1- "Primer"
art by Olivier Coipel
and David Lopez
X-Men Vol. 2 - "Muertas"
art by Terry Dodson
X-Men: Battle Of The Atom HC  
Ultimate Comics: X-Men v1
art by Medina, Barberi, Andrade
Ultimate Comics: X-Men v2
art by Mahmud Asrar
Ultimate Comics: X-Men v3
art by Alvaro Martinez
Ultimate Comics: X-Men
"Divided We Stand"
art by Paco Medina and Carlo Barberi
X-Men - "Blank Generation"
art by David Lopez and
Roland Boschi
X-Men - "Reckless Abandonment"
art by David Lopez
Wolverine & The X-Men:
Alpha and Omega
art by Mark Brooks,Roland Boschi, and more
Generation X: Four Days
art by Steve Pugh and more
Counter-X Vol. 2
co-written with Warren Ellis 
art by Steve Pugh and more

An original motion comic based on characters from the Snowblind/WB video game.

Published by DC Entertainment
Lord Of The Rings:
War In The North
art by Simon Coleby

An original series based on the WB television show.

Cover illustrations: Dustin Nguyen
Published by DC Entertainment
art by Grant Bond

"Gods And Monsters" relaunches the 1990's superhero book DV8 and updates the black sheep of the Wildstorm Universe for a modern audience.

Covers by Fiona Staples
Colorist: Carrie Strachan
Published by DC Entertainment
"Gods And Monsters"
art by Rebekah Isaacs

The infamous horror-drama heroine.

Published by Harris
"Brooklyn Bounce"
art by Steve Pugh
Vampirella Comics Magazine #8
"Kickstart My Heart"
art by Dean Haspiel



"'s already abundantly clear that Wood and Cloonan are building a quality adaptation of a landmark tale." - IGN

"Wood, Cloonan, and Stewart are an exemplary creative team, and Dark Horse deserves credit for bringing them together for this book. There’s an effortlessness in their collaboration that makes reading a pleasure. With an excellent first issue under their belt, their collaboration is already leaving its unique mark on Conan..." - CBR


"DMZ [is] the pre-eminent example of a growing fashion for comics and graphic novels about, or inspired by, the Iraq war." - The Independent

"...Matty [is] one of the best characters in comics... Wood is a tremendous writer... DMZ is unrelentingly angry and mean, smart and shocking. Riccardo Burchielli's artwork is the perfect complement, using simple layouts and a great eye for facial expressions as well as backgrounds to keep the pace up. This is one hell of a collection." - "The DMZ stories manage to combine the tough, thrilling character of golden age war comics with sharp and complex analysis of the big questions underpinning the modern age of politicized, commercialized warfare. DMZ keeps getting better and better." - BoingBoing (2)

"Wood's captivating series... combines the thrill of a summer blockbuster with the dire realities of war and dose of social/political commentary. Must-see series!" - USA Today

"...striking realism... increasingly relevant..." "[DMZ] show[s] how violence and uncertainty effect not only society as whole, but also individuals on a hauntingly personal level." - IGN

"A well-written combination of Sydney Pollack's "The Absence of Malice" and HBO's "The Wire"... an outstanding discourse on the role the media plays during times of political upheaval. ...if this series continues to produce at such a high level, it could easily go down as one of the best Vertigo titles of all time." - IGN

" smart, so thought provoking...the perfect mature comic... books like DMZ are the future of the comic book industry" - IGN

"...residents of Manhattan often feel at odds with the rest of the country, the comic book series DMZ magnifies that anxiety with its radical premise... DMZ sits alongside Vertigo's other successes: Y the Last Man and Fables." - NEW YORK TIMES (and the Book Review)

"DMZ is incredible. It is addictive and brutal, and a perfect antidote to the flag-waving Fox News broadcasts of the War on Terror. Wood and Burchielli have created something special, something that gets beyond the body counts and the headlines of setbacks and failures." - CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

"Brian Wood's DMZ-one of the two best new comics about Iraq-offers a potent portrait of a city torn by civil war. But the city isn't Baghdad; it's New York, sometime in the near future." - SLATE

"The gritty comic book DMZ lies somewhere between a postapocalyptic nightmare and a bizarre tribute to Gotham tenacity... With a stark visual style that matches its narrative punch, this grim graphic novel from writer Brian Wood and artist Riccardo Burchielli measures up to any summer blockbuster." - TIME OUT NEW YORK

"Wood and Burchielli's excellent series... equal parts compelling drama and cautionary tale, filled with inspired little touches. Casting Manhattan as a combination of Baghdad and post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans is Wood's most brilliant move, putting our own citizens through the same trials that civilians in those bombed-out and battered cities face today." - SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

"The dramatic images recall the nightly news, and stories of warzone life ring true. A-" - ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

"Wood and Burchielli gut-wrenchingly portray the chaotic reality of life in a war zone." - WASHINGTON POST

"Burchielli's outstanding art really sells the story by intensifying familiar urban grunge into a Third World-like battle zone... This book is a disturbing, challenging success." -PUBLISHERS WEEKLY


"As addictive as HBO's Rome..." - New York Magazine

"...another creative victory for writer Wood, who's quickly emerging as one the medium's premier scribes. Like his best work, Northlanders takes you into a well-researched, richly realized world that illuminates politics and culture without getting bogged down in history-book stuff... Northlanders [is] Vikings finally done right!" - Entertainment Weekly

"As Brian Wood continues to flesh out his uncharacteristic journey into the sword and sandals genre, Northlanders becomes more and more compelling... This turn of events proves perfectly poetic and continues to push the book into less familiar and more cerebrally intriguing directions." - IGN

"Amid all the enjoyably bloody battles and desperate sex (gorgeously rendered by Davide Gianfelice), Wood cleverly plays with the philosophical and religious shifts overcoming not only Sven, but the cultures clashing all over the world during the Dark Ages." - Time Out New York

"...the author manages to instill a fascinating existential dilemma in between all the hectic violence. The relationship between Magnus and his daughter holds an immense amount of potential as Wood sets up a dynamic straight out of "Lone Wolf and Cub." - IGN

"Brian has done his homework before starting the series, the book largely maintains a very modern feel in its structure, pacing and dialog. It may be a point of contention for other reviewers, but I feel the lack of archaic dialog and modern feel make it that much more accessible and allow you to enjoy what is really outstanding within." - The Escapist

"He comes from the land of the ice and snow in the year A.D. 980 and Sven of Orkney is hell-bent on a mission of vengeance to get back the money his uncle stole from him--and that's just the beginning of this frozen Norse saga that's tougher than Conan and bloodier than 300." - Creem Magazine

"..substantial and vibrant... Northlanders is a major work by a serious writer." - CBR

"...even more proof that the author is one of the best character writers in the industry." - IGN


"Brian Wood has mastered the art of writing female characters." - BUST Magazine

"As in Local and DMZ, indie superstar Wood shows great skill in writing extremely appealing and occasionally infuriating female leads. All four of the college freshmen at the center of this tale are well realized, but it’s shy, sheltered Riley who is the focus of this girlcentric offering. Riley’s life is packed with drama as she meets up with her estranged older sister and struggles to balance school, family, and a mysterious new boyfriend—whom she has never met but texts to the point of obsession. Kelly’s art, filled with expressive, idiosyncratic faces and figures, matches Wood’s indie street cred with gritty depictions of the Lower East Side. He captures actual New York locations with nearly photographic accuracy, matching Wood’s affection for the city, itself made obvious by the passages of hipster, travel-guide stuff packed into the story. Despite a disturbingly ambiguous ending, this graphic novel will delight readers on the cusp of discovering their own independence." - BOOKLIST

"With Demo, Local, DMZ, and, now, The New York Four, [Brian Wood]'s proving himself able in writing well-rounded youth characters within very different contexts. And when he and Kelly team up you should take notice." - Mondo Magazine


"The stories in DEMO are incredibly diverse... about the rottenness and the wonder of being young, the endless redemption available and the endless difficulty of achieving it... There isn't a single story here that I didn't love, that didn't make me think, that didn't thud home in my heart" " - BoingBoing

"Gone are the supervillains and secret schools, and instead you have the things real teens care about: friends, first loves and the need to get away from everyday life. It's less bombastic than Wood's run a few years back on Marvel's Generation X but it is scarier and much more human than mainstream comics usually dare to be. Grade: A" - VARIETY

Wood took a risk with Demo. It is hard to categorize exactly what the trade is – what it tries to accomplish. The short slice-of-life format becomes more emotionally captivating than nearly any ongoing series I have come across. Every single story made me stop, made me think, made me grasp at straws in order to relate. Demo isn’t a pick-me-up – meaning don’t read it if you are feeling fragile – but it is a must-read no less. There is something for everyone to connect with in Demo, and it acts as a reminder that we are all more human than we care to believe. - Girl's Entertainment Network

"touching... breathes with a sense of space and life rarely seen..." - ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

"wonderfully different... what the X-Men would be if they were created today." -CBR

"Wood creates really mature comics... because his characters find themselves having to grow up and see the world in entirely new ways." - Teen People

"It's that kind of book of short stories: each one sets you up for the next, and it all hangs together in a meaningful way... like a demo tape." - Graphic Novel Review

"Buffy the Vampire fans will be right at home as the problems of teen angst manifest themselves as super-powered metaphors. "


"Wood, author of the hugely popular comic DMZ, has created a contemporary ballad to the idea of the open road. It's both frightening and freeing to see how identity can be as fluid as location. Megan moves from state to state, dealing with roommates and dead-end jobs and looking for an existence that befits her intelligence and desire for authenticity. She's not a lost cause; she simply chooses, for personal reasons, to drift a while." --NPR - Best Graphic Novels Of 2008

"Brian Wood is the master of the single-issue comic, which is infinitely harder than the ongoing story the way writing a short story is infinitely harder than writing a novel. Every detail must be loaded with meaning, and any missing piece can bring the whole house of cards down. He’s found his artistic match in Ryan Kelly, and together they’ve created one of the most complete portraits of a person that I’ve read not just in comics, but anywhere." - Bust Magazine

"Even though each story could technically stand on its own, they're best read in one breathless sitting... A-" - The Onion A/V Club

"If you want to know what a quality indie looks like read [Local]... One of the best ongoing indie comics of the last 3 years" - Blair Butler / G4TV

"Wood ingeniously sifts through the grit of the ugliest human emotions and depicts relationships that rustle them to the surface. Local’s vignettes are buoyed by [artist] Ryan Kelly’s sense of movement and thick painterly lines."

"So big ups to Wood and Kelly. They’re working in some kind of magical synchronicity, they’ve got a concept the biz has never seen, and they’re at the forefront of the movement to revitalize the standalone issue in comics... In fact, at three issues in I’m confident enough in the series to start thinking of it as an early frontrunner for best miniseries of ’06." - AICN