From the 1500-page future war epic DMZ, the ecological disaster series The Massive, the American crime drama Briggs Land, the blistering youth culture action quadrilogy The Couriers, and the groundbreaking lo-fi dystopia Channel Zero, Wood has a proven track record of marrying socially-conscious world-building and political commentary with compelling and diverse characters.

His Young Adult novels - DemoLocalThe New York Four, and Mara - have made YALSA and New York Public Library best-of lists.  His historical fiction - the Viking series Northlanders and the American Revolution-centered Rebels - are benchmarks in the comic book industry.

He's written some of the biggest franchises in pop culture, including Star WarsTerminatorRoboCopConan The BarbarianEVE: Online, Planet of the Apes, and the X-Men. He created the character of Zula Hendricks for the Aliens universe, and worked for Rockstar Games on the development and release of Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City.

He co-wrote the award-winning video game 1979 Revolution: Black Friday, and is currently adapting several of his books for television





During the Second American Civil War, rookie photographer Matty Roth gets himself embedded in the conflict's infamous no-man's-land: Manhattan Island aka the DMZ.  Instead of embracing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to document the city under siege with a classic journalist’s objectivity, Roth blurs the lines to the point of no return, threatening to fall in with politicians and opportunists, warlords and mercenaries. 

The series that defined comics' response to post-9/11 America


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