“Wood perfectly blends suspense and moral philosophies with geo-political brushstrokes to create some of the freshest books on the shelves.” - Complex Magazine


Brian Wood's history of published work includes over fifty volumes of genre-spanning original material.

From the 1500-page future war epic DMZ, the ecological disaster series The Massive, the American crime drama Briggs Land, and the groundbreaking lo-fi dystopia Channel Zero he has a 20-year track record of marrying thoughtful world-building and political commentary with compelling and diverse characters.

His YA novels - Demo, Local, The New York Four, and Mara - have made YALSA and New York Public Library best-of lists.  His historical fiction - the viking series Northlanders, the American Revolution-centered Rebels, and the norse-samurai mashup Sword Daughter - are benchmarks in the comic book industry.  

He's written some of the biggest franchises in pop culture, including Star Wars, Terminator, RoboCop, Conan The Barbarian, Robotech, and Planet Of The Apes. He’s written number-one-selling series for Marvel Comics.  And he’s created and written multiple canonical stories for the Aliens universe, including the Zula Hendricks character.





The series that defined comics’ response to 9/11.

During the Second American Civil War, photographer Matty Roth is embedded in the conflict's infamous no-man's-land: Manhattan Island aka the DMZ. Instead of embracing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to document the city under siege with a classic journalist’s objectivity, Roth blurs the lines, falling in with politicians and opportunists, warlords and mercenaries.



Ecological disaster meets creation mythology.

What does it mean to be an environmentalist after the world has already ended? For the Ninth Wave oceanic activist group, this is the question that cuts to the core. In a post-war, post-Crash, post-disaster, post-everything world, nothing is certain and ideologies are meaningless. But the mission remains: search this crumbling world for answers to the cause of the Crash, and keep up the hunt for their missing sister ship, The Massive, lost and adrift in the chaos.



The critically-acclaimed 90's lo-fi dystopia that launched a career.

Brian Wood launched an all-out assault on the comics medium in 1997 with Channel Zero, a blistering look at a repressive future America that hits on themes of freedom of expression, hacking, cutting-edge media manipulation, and police surveillance. Channel Zero remains an influential, forward-thinking work that combines art, politics, activism, and graphic design in a unique way.